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Moving Away From Vaccines

Patients often come to me because they have concerns about vaccines. They want to move away from vaccines. They want some freedom and flexibility. I am selected out by a unique group of parents that understand good nutrition more than most, understand the deleterious affects of preservatives, dyes, HFCS and other toxins in food, have high breastfeeding rates (and bf for the biologic norm), actively involved in their children's education,  and are around decreased amounts of second-hand smoke. It may be hard to compare my group of patients to other local pediatrician's practice vaccine outcomes or Pediatrician's in other areas. Many families choose not to immunize in my office, but from those that do this is the most they get in my office.

From 0-2 months
Nothing. I will not give a vaccine before 2 months.

From 2-6 months
Most families will wait till ~6 months to get Hib and/or Pediarix, but I can start now.

From 6-12 months
Pediarix x 3 doses (Can be done at 6, 8, 10 months or 6, 9, 12 months)

Hib x 2 doses. Hib was back ordered for several years. Much of my "vaccinated" practice  never got Hib because it wasn't available. (Can be done with Pediarix or opposite months. Most of my "vaccinated" kids get it with Pediarix.

I can provide Pediarix (Heb B, DTaP, polio) and Hib without each other. I can also provide Heb B, DTap, and Polio seperately).

That's it. Up to 5 shots.

From 12 months - 24 months

Pediatricians give Chicken Pox and MMR at 1st birthday. Most of my families who do eventually give these two wait until school entry or more developmental maturity. There is a 4th doese of DTaP due this year. A 3rd Hib can be given this year.

That would be 3 (maybe 4) more shots, if you get these.

Kindergarten Entry
I provide boosters for K. 4 boosters are "required." Polio, MMR, Chicken Pox, DTaP. I do not give these at one visit. I will do 2 and 2, 1 month apart. For Kindergarten entry I get referrals from the school, so I get more requests for these than I do the primary series from families that started with me with new.

That all said, the vast majority of families cease vaccines when entering my practice.
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I provide Vaccine Exemption for School entry.

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